Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Time capsule

For my time capsule it was hard for me to choose all of my items. For some things it was really hard to think of something that would be able to fit in my box or even relate to me. Some things I chose was an asking Alexandria poster, a dumb dumb wrapper, the fault in our stars movie ticket, a van add, and an acme receipt. I chose the asking Alexandria poster to represent my favorite song because I don't really have a favorite Wong but they are one of my favorite bands. I also chose the dumb dumb wrapper as my wrapper  because I love lollie pops and have a collection of them. I chose the fault in our stars ticket because I recently saw that movie and it gave me a new perspective in life. The next thing I chose was a vans off the wall add because I love shopping there to get my shoes. The final thing I had was an acme receipt because I love food and I just got it today. There are many other interesting things in my box but these are just a few little things I put in there here and there.

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