Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Since the beginning of the year I feel like art has helped me become a better person. Starting this year I was coming from a lot of stuff happening in my life. As the year went by I started to feel better and would look forward to art because I was finally able to let out some of my emotions. Mrs kick made class fun and helped me become a better artist. She helped me learn that my work doesn't always have to be perfect and turn out exactly how I wanted but to have fun and try new techniques and projects. Now coming to the end of the year I'm so glad I had art to help me through some tough days because its the one class I can actually relax in and have some fun.

Time capsule pictures

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Time capsule

For my time capsule it was hard for me to choose all of my items. For some things it was really hard to think of something that would be able to fit in my box or even relate to me. Some things I chose was an asking Alexandria poster, a dumb dumb wrapper, the fault in our stars movie ticket, a van add, and an acme receipt. I chose the asking Alexandria poster to represent my favorite song because I don't really have a favorite Wong but they are one of my favorite bands. I also chose the dumb dumb wrapper as my wrapper  because I love lollie pops and have a collection of them. I chose the fault in our stars ticket because I recently saw that movie and it gave me a new perspective in life. The next thing I chose was a vans off the wall add because I love shopping there to get my shoes. The final thing I had was an acme receipt because I love food and I just got it today. There are many other interesting things in my box but these are just a few little things I put in there here and there.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

My Dad

        My whole life my Dad has always been by my side. He's more then my Dad he's my friend. We listen tot he same bands, go to concerts together, and even eat the same kind of ice cream. Even though he lives in North Carolina and I live in New Jersey,we talk every week about our stupid drama (mostly mine). When we do see each other we like to go on adventures. So far we've been to Charleston, Washington, D.C., and warped tour. My Dad has a very cool job. He works for a company that controls the race cars for nascar , and as a kid I had a lot of fun going to the track and going in some of them. My Dad and I are like two peas in a pod. We always say that I'm the girl version of him. Through thick and thin he's my Dad and I love him with all of my hart. Sometimes distance takes its toll but, we know no matter how far apart we are our favorite ice cream flavor will always be vanilla with Carmel.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pop print

     For my pop print I chose to do a monster tab. I chose it because I have a real life collection of monster tabs and it seemed right to mass produce. Mass producing something was interesting because each time I got something different which was kind of cool. 

Art x3

       For me not having control of my art was very hard. Letting go of my work and giving it to someone else not once but twice was extremely difficult. It taught me to just let things go and to loosen the rains and let something different come to light.

Fortune cookie

       When I was handed 6 fortune cookies I was shocked at the result. I found one that I actually connected with. It said "the philosophy of one century is the common sense of another". I interpreted it as the choices you make and where it will lead you later in life.  It inspired me to make two different looking faces go in different directions to represent the choices you can make.