Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pop print

     For my pop print I chose to do a monster tab. I chose it because I have a real life collection of monster tabs and it seemed right to mass produce. Mass producing something was interesting because each time I got something different which was kind of cool. 

Art x3

       For me not having control of my art was very hard. Letting go of my work and giving it to someone else not once but twice was extremely difficult. It taught me to just let things go and to loosen the rains and let something different come to light.

Fortune cookie

       When I was handed 6 fortune cookies I was shocked at the result. I found one that I actually connected with. It said "the philosophy of one century is the common sense of another". I interpreted it as the choices you make and where it will lead you later in life.  It inspired me to make two different looking faces go in different directions to represent the choices you can make.